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Chrome Cherries

$ 30.00 


Original digital art 🍒

Size: 12x12 Inches

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Chrome Cherries

$ 30.00 
Step by step guide on how to create prints of your art.
Sidestep years of costly mistakes and countless hours of work and research.
$ 30.00 

There can be so much secrecy between artists leaving many to fend for themselves for years on end.
I always kept an eye out for artists willing to share their print making process and never found any, atleast not in an affordable way.

I walked that solitary path for 4 years, learned through trial and error, made many expensive mistakes and wasted so much time working on the wrong things. From that, I gained so much first hand experience that I decided to be that person for other artists who are starting out or want to add a valuable income stream to their art business, but don't know where to start.

My goal is to help other artists like you to make informed decisions and create the perfect prints that are right for your art business.

No gatekeeping here — my mission is to empower artists like you and simplify your life by sharing the exact tools and processes you need to thrive.

Here is what is covered in my Guide:

  • What to sell
  • Photographing your art
  • How to properly edit & save your photos for printing
  • Printing : local vs print on demand (POD) + sharing my strategy
  • Invested over $500 product testing different POD facilities to find the best
  • Print sizes & printing ratios + useful spreadsheet
  • Pricing your Prints for Profit
  • Setting up an online store: Etsy, Shopify (& others) or Webflow?
  • Listings:  descriptions + SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
  • Advice and valuable tips
  • Facebook group community to ask your questions

Small investment for 4 YEARS of work into 25 pages. I can’t wait to hear back on how much it saves you and how much it makes you!!!

Accelerate your journey to creating a valuable income stream to your art business: selling art prints!

$ 30.00 

See what other artists have said!

Before the launch, I sent my guide to a few lucky artists to see what they thought! Here are the results:
“I've been thinking of making prints of my art for so long and this just gave me the motivation and clarity I needed.  I feel like I saved years of looking things up and weighing all the options.”
- Charlotte
“This is the first time I see a Guide for this kind of information. Other artists sell guides on how to make money from your art, but rarely does anyone share the process of everything you have to do before that. It's arguably the most daunting part.
I thought it was very helpful and straight forward. ”
- Brandon
“WOW. I'm completely shocked at all the information in this guide. This is the best investment you can make if you want to start selling prints. It's so informative and I actually felt like she was genuinely trying to help me. "
- Jess

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